Dealing With Social Media Insecurities.

Ever since Facebook & Instagram started playing the cards, the way we perceived our social lives changed dramatically. A moment never happened if we didn’t share on Instagram, add a story, post few snaps. To add-on the mess, came in Snapchat, Tiktoks & tons of instant gratification tools that’re murdering our attention span, mental health & our lives in general.

To make things worse, ever since the pandemic hit, the only social life we’ve ever known is virtually. We’re forced into these screens & apps even more than the normal, striking depression rates even higher.

We feel more & more bad about ourselves once we end up using all these apps, still we don’t stop.

What’s heckin going on?

Social Media has indeed screwed me up in the span of last 2 years virtually. It took me upto an extent that I’m always suffering from Imposter Syndrome & never seem to find a way out.

Because, there’s always someone better than you doing something even better. We, as a species used to live in tribes of few people & they were whom we looked upto, compared & compromised. We were’nt wired for comparisons with 7 Billion People!

Social Media has a very broad spectrum of problems to address, talk about & debate. Keep the noise aside, I’ll be just talking about the aspect of how do you evaluate if we’re using social media for the right reasons?

The Right Reasons.

Ever since these platforms gained momentum, people have indeed started to recognize the toxicity they accelerate & the companies that engineer them because this is their only money-making machine & they won’t stop either.

Having been an Advocate of Mental Health & Social Toxicity Myself, I clearly stand against this yet I communicate my cause through Social Media itself. That’s the irony. Given the reason that there is no other medium than socials to reach out to a vast number of people.

I used to feel very very weird for even posting something, sharing a story or literally anything on socials because I felt I was being too narcissistic or validation seeker, just because I share stuff on socials even though that was indeed adding value to somebody.

I believe there is some level of miscommunication in conveying the message of stating the difference between Sharing & Bragging on socials.

I believe it’s all about the intentions. If you’re sharing something on socials & have no intentions to make anyone feel inferior, rather you’re just sharing some happiness in your life, It is perfectly fine! Unless, you’re pure from the inside, there’s no need to feel bad about sharing on socials. They were indeed meant for this purpose sharing love & happiness.

Except the fact that, all we do is compare & feel bad about how shit our lives are, until we don’t realize that everyone is going through something bad deep in.

All you see is their positives, not behind the scenes. We compare this aspect with our entire life & start feeling shit. Unfortunately, It is not your fault. FOMO Model is how these companies make their revenue.

These companies want you to feel bad about yourself, left out & inferior so that you will return back to their application to showcase your life to validate your own self-esteem.

This is a very toxic loop. I agree that all these companies did not start these applications with any such intentions, but considering the fact that they’ve could’ve corrected their paths, if they wanted to, but chose not to is something that shouldn’t be ignored easily. They chose to breed this toxicity, because it’s what makes ’em money & money is power.

Perspectives Matter.

The best thing we can do is to detach into an offline life, away from socials. Unfortunately, given the times we are unable to. Work From Home, Learn From Home, X From Home, we’re being more & more secluded in our own thoughts & places, isolating into even more toxic loops because these apps are our only key to the outside world.

So, what’s the way out?

  1. Share Selectively: Only share stuff that you think will add some value to the person consuming it. Don’t junk snaps, if you feel bad about it jus because everyone is doing it. If you feel good about sharing something, go ahead. If you feel you’re junk sharing, stop it. It’s all about how you feel while sharing stuff. Become a little empathetic & think about the person consuming the content too, if it’s worth the attention span.
  2. Consume Selectively: I’d suggest to switch into other activities like Reading Books, Listening Podcasts, Writing Your Heart Out, Playing Games, Building Stuff, Volunteering Virtually, Learning For The Love Of Learning anything where there are less people for you to compare your lives with, somewhere that is just your world. Your tiny little world of happiness.

My Philosophy?

It roots down to the question of how have I embraced this toxic loop?

I stand for making an impact. I stand for making a difference & socials have this enormous power into impacting such a massive set of people. I’d like to leverage that power by finding the people that think like me.

The more I share stuff on what I stand for, the more people I connect with who share the same cause. This is unparalleled power, that hasn’t ever existed before.

It’s more about finding, sharing happiness & love with people who think like you & sharing your philosophy & ideologies for this cause is the key.

Don’t refrain from sharing, share what matters.
Share to make a difference.

my little corner of the internet :)