“Get Shelter!”
“Get an umbrella!”
“Don’t get wet, you’ll be down with fever!”

Our initial reaction since childhood whenever It rains.

Pause & Ask,

Have you ever closed your eyes & felt the raindrops strike & flow down your eyelids?

Have you ever gazed at the vast sky engulfed by the dark clouds showering droplets with the smell of fresh air?

Have you ever observed the birds swing their feathers to dry & warm-up their babies in nests?

Have you ever noticed the raindrops instigating a ripple effect in the pond?

Have you ever experienced the droplets dribble through your hairline suffusing your entire head in bracing chillness?

Have you ever perceived the raindrops glide through its body from leaf to leaf until it hits the earth becoming a minuscule fragment of the enormous pond?

Pause Life.
Just Experience.

Asking me? Have I?
Yes. Entirely in its beauty.

That’s what prompted me to! :)

Yaas, I’mma Pluviophile! :)

my little corner of the internet :)